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http://911TV.org has the exclusive live mix DVD of Steve Jones announcing
the publication of his team's discovery and proof of high-tech nanothermite:
"What in the World is High-tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust Clouds
Generated on 9/11/2001?"  presented April 30th, 2009 in Sacramento,

Both the 1 hour edited version (ready for your public access station or show
to your friends) and the complete talk with Q&A are included in this two DVD
set which you can get at http://911TV.org.  You can also get a hardcopy of
this historic publication, in full color.

This is the "Loaded Gun of 9/11,"  carefully researched and brilliantly
presented.  After 18 months of intensive scientific collaboration, this peer
reviewed journal article is announced by Steven in this DVD.  The
implications of this new peer reviewed paper are profound.

Nanothermite, a highly engineered energetic nanocomposite, was conceived by
1990, and by 2000 had been weaponized, and manufactured in large quantities
in top secret military laboratories.  This nano form of thermite does not
just burn extremely hot, it explodes!

Steven also updates us on various facets of the quest to repudiate the
"official conspiracy theory" about 9/11, and describes current efforts to
create a legitimate investigation with real subpoena power.

Your donation makes it possible for 911TV to continue bringing you
professional quality video from the 9/11 Truth movement.  You can get this
two DVD set and the hardcopy at http://911TV.org