From Ace Baker:
Official video of Flight 175 entering WTC2, followed by explosive hole

The source material was "CNN - America Remembers" DVD. It is the CNN/Michael Hezarkhani video affectionately named "ghostplane" by Webfairy. As Jeff Hill discovered, the alleged videographer, Michael Hezarkhani will not discuss the particulars, on advice from his lawyer.

I used 7 frames from the "approach" and "impact", then cut to one frame of the gaping smoking hole. The "hole" frame had to be enlarged slightly, as the camera was a bit more zoomed out by then. Note that there is a discontinuity in the source video between the explosion and the gaping hole. We have no clue how much time may have elapsed, because AFAIK, all of the approximately 7 million 9/11 plane videos stop right after after the explosion. What actually happened after the explosion and before the gaping hole appeared, is anybody's guess. -Ace Baker

The jpeg shots from the video