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My assault on Congress rolls along, with lots of media coverage (see below) and several upcoming speaking events, including a U.W.-LaCrosse candidates forum with my opponents Ron Kind and Paul Stark at noon on Tuesday, 10/28. Ron Kind continues to refuse to fulfill his earlier promise to debate me, so I'll be confronting him on this when we meet.

Below is a special sneak preview of my new articles on our recent local and national polls on 9/11, the banker bailout, and other important issues. The final version of "Mainstreaming MIHOP," polished and sourced, should be up at your favorite 9/11 website soon.

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http://www.barrettforcongress.us: National Poll: 79% Prefer Bailing Out the People Rather than the Bankers

Mainstreaming MIHOP: New Polls Chart Progress of "Inside Job," Controlled Demolition Hypotheses

By Dr. Kevin Barrett, http://www.barrettforcongress.us:

Since mid-2004, a series of scientific polls has shown high levels of support for the LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) interpretation of 9/11. According to this interpretation, top US officials knew the attacks were coming and intentionally allowed them to succeed.

But until fall 2008, no scientific poll in North America had found significant (double-digit) support for the hypothesis that most independent experts believe is best in accordance with the facts: That top US officials orchestrated 9/11, including the controlled demolition of three World Trade Center skyscrapers. This interpretation, known in the 9/11 truth community as MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) has now entered the mainstream, according to polls commissioned by the Barrett for Congress campaign.

In surveys of households with two or more registered voters, at least one of whom has voted in a recent election, the Barrett campaign found that 22% of voters in Wisconsin's conservative, rural Third District say that 9/11 might have been an inside job. And in a nationwide poll the Barrett campaign found that 33% in similar households either believe the World Trade Center was taken down in a controlled demolition, or that we need an investigation of possible controlled demolition.

What makes these numbers especially significant is that regular voters in multi-voter households are presumably on average older, wealthier, whiter, more settled, and more invested in the system than the general population. The fact that large numbers of such people either espouse or are willing to contemplate MIHOP suggests that the truth about 9/11 is slowly making its way into the US mainstream. ...