10/15/08: Liverpool UK Police Break Up 11th Of October Protest

"Last Saturday, various groups arranged to meet on Bold Street before heading to Church Street to set up stalls at one o’clock in the afternoon. Upon our arrival a police officer was already present harassing the Cuba Solidarity group. After seeing the various groups arrive the officer then called for backup and within fifteen minutes there were several officers on the scene removing stalls and literature from all groups present without any warning. ..."

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From Patrick Borden and Rukshana Engineer, Vancouver 911 Truth:
Police Seize Flyers & Shut 911 Truth down in Liverpool, UK
"This was sent to me this morning from the UK"

"The local Truth Society have their table set up in Liverpool City Centre and the Police turn up in their Riot Van and calmly grab all the flyers from the table, put them into a sack, take the table down and then ID and take the details of the guys on the table. I'm sure you can imagine where those detials wil end up. "

Letters to the editor:

Merseyside Police

Liverpool City Council