KIRO FM (97.3) has informed 911Truth Seattle that ads for the May 28 2011 David Ray Griffin event at Seattle Town Hall, which had been agreed to, paid for, and scheduled, are now not going to be aired, because of the recent media announcements regarding Osama bin Laden.
Please contact: 
General Sales Manager Ethan Kelly, Bonneville Seattle at (206) 726-6833  
Let him know that you protest this unfair decision which constitutes an attack on free speech and on the free exchange of ideas.

12/31/09: NYCCAN: encouragement for 2010

Contact your legisltors:
Support a fair State Secrets Act

WA State Matt Shea on Alex Jones

HJM4009 Killed by
SGTA Committee Chair

Please support state legislators reaffirming the constitution

Protect the rights of
U.S. Citizenship

"Homegrown Terrorism" Prevention Act
H.B. 1955 and S.B. 1959

Continuity Of Government
(COG) Planning
Theft of Citizen Voting Rights

Alert:Terror drills in WA state
What a citizen of Seattle WA can do

Seattle Terror Drills could go "live"
(this alert is all over the internet)
The military has promised "surprises."

9/11 Truth Debate at European Parliament

Help Spread the word:
The Shell Game
a new thriller 9/11 novel
update: 1/06/08

The Kennebunkport Warning

Surge in purchase of "put options"

Iran in the crosshairs

9/07: Zogby Poll
finds 51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11 Attacks; Over 30% Seek Immediate Impeachment

Connect the dots, then
contact your elected officials


Ramsey Clark chosen
to head commission to investigate Bush crimes

On April 3, 20xx, at a meeting of over 150 lawyers, legal scholars and human rights campaigners, Ramsey Clark, founder of Indict Bush Now, was chosen to be the chairperson of an international campaign to investigate war crimes committed by officials from the Bush administration.
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