Hi Rodger,

I've installed some software that will allow me to download videos (YouTube Download Studio) and advance through them frame by frame (KMPlayer). Here are some updates to pictures I had previously produced in cruder fashion and sent you.

In one of the 40 or so clips of flight 175 crashing into WTC 2 compiled on a video titled "9/11: 40 clips of WTC 2 South Tower Plane Crash" (http://blip.tv/file/993741), an object appears speeding out from behind WTC1 just after WTC2 is struck (frame shots attached as files b002-b006). The clip starts some 8 min and 1 sec into the video and is labeled "BBC World." The object is too unclear to be identified based on just the data in this clip.

A better and more revealing view of what seems to me to be the same fleeting object is found in another BBC World clip in the same video. The clip in question has the further label "Terrorist Attack in America" and begins 8 min and 43/44 sec into the video. Here's someof what you will see.

Flight 175 heads toward the WTC (Att c101, c110, c115, c120). Just as it makes contact with WTC 2, an unidentified aircraft appears at the right hand edge of the screen (c121, c122, c123). The unidentified aircraft heads toward the WTC (c130, c135) and passes it (c140, c142), continuing toward yet another unidentified aircraft (c145, c150) before vanishing from sight.

Compare these clips with the "High 5" clip starting at 5 min 51 sec. Why does the screen go black just when we should be seeing something interesting?

Do you agree that both clips show the same object? How can we find out what this aircraft is? According to NORAD, NEADS and the 9/11 Commission there should be no interceptors at the WTC when WTC 2 was hit. Would you say that due to its high speed the unidentified aircraft is a military plane, perhaps one of the F-15s sent up from Otis AFB to intercept one of the hijacked flights? What else can we conclude from viewing these video clips? Who else should see them?