Phil Mocek, a local 9/11 and social issues activist with We Are Change Seattle, pulsed the system recently, challenging the notion that US citizens must show an ID to travel around by jet in their own country. The article first appeared in the Kansas City Star , and was later picked up by the Seattle Times.

Mocek notes: " ...the KC Star's print title was, "If truth be told, you don't need ID to board a jetliner," and the Times changed it to, "If truth be told, you don't always need ID for domestic flights." Grrrr. You *never* need ID, at least not to show to airport security, for domestic flights. They reworded the story a bit, too, removing the too-folksy "don't need no stinkin' ID" part, trimming the details from the experts who were consulted, and making it slightly less KC-centric."

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