Schippers and Judicial Watch, I believe, have filed an FOIA action against the Bush Admin. for information that would reveal how the person who warned him about 9-11 knew to warn him. You could check with Judicial Watch, through their web site, to find out.

The main issue with respect to Israel's connection was the close monitoring of several of the hijackers by Mossad, information that I don't think is seriously disputed, and whether all their information was passed on. Yes, Israel was one of the countries that appears to have given the US advance warning, but whether that warning was as detailed as it could have been, is part of the issue. In connection with that we then have the reports by Carl Cameron of Fox News and others of the Israelis, likely Mossad agents, who were arresting and detained after being reported apparently celebrating the destruction of the WTC towers from a vantaga point in New Jersey. There is also the matter, according to whistleblowers, of extensive foreign intelligennce (most likely Mossad) penetration of the FBI.

On the issue of advance warnings I am surprised that the intelligence report does not pick up on, nor does anyone seem particularly interested in, reports from David Schippers (head prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment), and from one other high-profile individual namely Garth L. Nicolson, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntingon Beach, Ca, of having received pre-911 warning from the intelligence community. The warnings were very precise. This information was originally picked up in a radio interview with Schippers, and is reported in Ahmed's 1992 book, War on Freedom (Ahmed interviewed Schippers) and also appears in an extensive footnote in Douglas Kellner's book From 9/11 to Terror War. According to Ahmed, the New American magazine also interviewed severaI FBI agents who corroborated Schippers' testimony. I would like to hear from anyone who has further knowledge relating to David Schippers' claims. I find it extraordinary that the testimony of these two individuals has received so little (actually I think none) attention from mainstream media. If so, why not?

Joe Barret